To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we should probably be swapping beer steins, but coffee mugs are a close second. Click Start to join in the fun!
What's your first name, friend?

{{answer_58136288}}, thanks for joining in the mug swapping fun. What's your last name?

What's your mailing address, {{answer_58136288}}? This is where your swap buddy will send your package.

If you had to describe your home decor to Joanna Gaines, what term would you use?

If you got to pick a mug in any color, what color would you choose?

What's your favorite Bible verse or hymn stanza? (Extra points if it's a Reformation hymn!)

What's one fall-themed item or decoration you don't currently own but would love to have in your home?

What's your Instagram handle?

What's the link to your Facebook page? Your new bestie will undoubtedly want to friend you!. (Find this by clicking on your profile page, then copying and pasting that web address below.)

Do you actually intend to send a package? (Because if you answer C, I'm putting you in mug swap purgatory. Last year, a handful of ladies never sent their mugs. That's dishonest and rude. So if you don't actually send a package, you won't be allowed to participate next year, and no amount of papal bulls will be able to get you out of that mess.)

Thanks so much for signing up! Now just remember: You'll get your swap buddy's info soon, and then you've got to mail the package by September 25!

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